Everything Studio
503 4th Street #1
Brooklyn, NY 11215
646 528 6224
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We are a multidisciplinary design firm in Brooklyn, working in all areas of print and interactive design.

Everything Studio is the annoyingly self-aggrandizing name of our company, but don’t let it put you off. We’re not implying that we can do everything or know everything. We are people who hold many uncertain and contradictory ideas about design. It is impossible for us to ever settle on a house style or methodology, so our name is deliberately indeterminate.

Our logo is a Bucky Fuller geodesic dome, which for us, represents uplifting Modernist optimism. Some people miss our reference and see it as a jungle gym — an even more joyous and apt allusion for a design practice.

Jessica Green and Tom Griffiths are the proprietors of Everything Studio. They first met at Pratt Institute in 2000 while studying graphic design. In 2004 Tom received an MFA at Yale while Jessica started a design company in New York. In 2007 they joined forces and began designing under the name Everything Studio.