The archive of neuroTransmitter was the first of many collaborations with artists, Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere. Our visual concept focused on methods of displaying audio/video content online. We wanted the user to be taken inside a work as it was activated. By pressing a play button, a familiar triangular icon swells to obscure every other visual element. The screen becomes one enormous media player. 



Project list.


All the works relate to radio broadcasting, so we wanted a vaguely nostalgic aesthetic to the site. Black rectangular boxes containing the titles of projects are meant to evoke the draws of a flat file. Century was chosen as our musty typeface.

The internet has made cultural consumption quicker and more efficient. In the age of instantly streaming music and video, the neuroTransmitter website purposefully slows the user experience down instead of speeding it up.

Play activated.

Entering audio player.

Listening to audio.

Listening to audio.