“Siglio publishes uncommon books that live in the rich and varied space between art and literature. Driven by its feminist ethos, siglio champions uncategorizable, unwieldy, and expansive works by artists and writers who invite readers to see the world anew by reading word, image, and page in unfamiliar ways. For siglio, “the book” is many things, above all, a space for heterodoxy, ambiguity, wonder, and play.” —Lisa Pearson


What is siglio?

In 2022 we redesigned the website for Siglio, a publisher of art and literature in upstate New York. In addition to solving practical issues relating to e-commerce, Lisa Pearson (the founder) wanted us to articulate the weirdness of her obsessive output. Throughout Siglio’s web pages, we sprinkled strange announcements highlighted in red. These posts consist of affinities, asides, weather reports written by an alter ego, and hate mail. The About section provides a screenshot of a dictionary entry denoting the meaning of the word ‘Siglio.’ This image is fictitious, and the word does not exist.

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